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The real untamed


Real beauty shouldn’t be covered up. Real beauty should remain the way it is – and has been – for thousands of years: natural, true, magnificent.

What happens in the untamed forests? Flora is left to flourish. Animals are left to roam. And people are left in peace. Mother Nature is the zenith of beauty, innovation and regeneration. She is the quintessence of wonder.

She is vehemently aware of her surroundings. And therefore confident enough to nurture self-love, yet never crude enough to promote it. She is an inspiration to us all.

Yes, beauty is seen, but we’re here to show you that it can – and should – be felt. From within. Because it is how we feel inside that impacts our lives on the outside.

Real power is a feeling.
Let us show you just how powerful it can make you feel.

A word from our founder


We are The Untamed. Uncompromising in our offering, bold in our outlook and with the mystery of tradition running through our veins. With our consciously curated collection of natural skincare inspired by holistic Nordic rituals, we provide our community with more than just beauty regimes. We provide them with real opportunities.


My vision is to ignite uncompromising change for our community by challenging and changing the beauty industry. I believe that inner beauty should come before outer beauty. I believe in a diverse society and that where we are from has nothing to do with where we want to go. I believe in Mother Nature, and that she is the most valuable thing we have, and we should cherish her, every single day.

Harmony with others can only become a reality once you find harmony within. This brings the kind of confidence people need to succeed. That is the power of The Untamed. Because when something is given the right environment to grow and prosper, the opportunities become boundless.


Amir Mortazavi